Saturday, April 25, 2015

Back to Eden Gardening and Seeds

I would love to give you the chance to get non-gmo and non-hybrid seeds from our Ebay store!
We have great prices and a huge range of fruits and vegetables!
We are just planting our garden for this year using the "Back to Eden" method!  I am so excited and ready to get things out there and growing!!  I've even started some landscaping and hope to have a video of that, too! 
You can see more on my youtube channel- if you want and like and subscribe and support us!

I am so very excited to start gardening this year because of this method!! 
No more mud, no more weeds (or little that will be quick to pull-we already have sandy soil), nourished ground for more nutrients in our organic fruits and veggies!!
I just put up a video on youtube when we had our wood chip delivery, if you would like to see!

Please, please, please, subscribe and like and all that good stuff and comment - let me know what other information you'd like to know about what we're doing with our garden this year, any ideas, comments, questions are all welcome!!   Let me know if I did something wrong or incomplete...I'm still new at this!  

All the best and fruitful gardens, good gardening and full loads of produce to you'all!
Thank you so very much!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

DIY: Skinny Jeans and Pants Tutorial

Just click on the picture for a video tutorial!  :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Starting Fresh

This is my first post.  

I have many different things that have transpired in the past several years.
I hope to share of my activities and life, my aspirations and goals with you as you grab a cup of tea and enjoy a little time with me.